By aligning the wheels of a car, we can correct deviations in the positions of the wheels. All kinds of things can be the cause of such deviations, for example: hitting a rock or a hole in the road while driving, or hitting the sidewalk too hard.

There are a few signs that can tell you the wheels of your car are not in their correct position anymore:

  • the car tends to steer to one side too much
  • the car is steering too heavy
  • the car is steering too light
  • the car does not hold its course (zigzag)
  • It is recommended to have your alignment diagnosed when you are having new tyres and/or new wheels installed to your car.

We at Reedijk Wheels & Tyres use a high quality Hunter aligning bank, which works according to the 3D principle. We measure the wheel and ball joint settings of all four wheels. Our qualified engineers can correct many deviations, but not everything can be fixed.

Sometimes, car manufacturers choose not to install a ball joint settings option. If this happens to be the case, we will discuss with you the cause of the problem and any solutions there might be. The costs of aligning can only be determined after a diagnosis, a little research.

One aligning diagnosis costs €35,- that is without any repair work. A diagnosis together with actually aligning the wheels will be €55,- with a maximum of half an hour’s work. Every 15 minutes on top of that will be €25,-. Sometimes the manufacturer decides to reset several components of the wheel suspension. This is always done with an EOBD scanner and costs €25,- on top of any extra hours. However, we always discuss everything with you beforehand, to avoid surprises.


At certain speeds you can experience some vibrations in the wheel. If that happens, there is a big chance that the rims need to be rebalanced. In this procedure, we take the wheels off your car, we place the tyres and rims on a balancing machine and any imbalance there might be will be detected. Balance will be restored by placing or removing little weights in the rim and the vibrations will cease.


Do you store your winter tires yourself or do you have tires that need to be assembled? Then you can have your tires fitted with us. We distinguish between a single change (tires without rim) and a complete change (wheels with tires).

A separate change requires more time, which means that the costs for a separate change are higher. A complete change costs less time, so the costs will of course be lower than a single change.

Winter tire changeover

Do you store your winter tyres yourself or do you have tyres that need to be assembled or disassembled? Then you can have us change your tyres. We distinguish between two types of tyre changeover: a partial changeover (tyres without rim) and a complete changeover (tyres with rim). A partial changeover takes more time and so the costs will be higher. A complete changeover takes less time, so naturally the costs will be less. If you purchase a complete winter’s or summer’s set of tyres at Reedijk Wheels & Tyres, we will store your set for free* for 1 year! After that period you will pay for the storage and changeover of your tyres, price depending on the size of your rims.


If you have a winter set, you can have us store your tyres as a complete set, price depending on tyre size. In addition, we like to thoroughly clean your tyres so they will be stored spotless and dirt free! Below you can see an overview of the storage costs according to tyre size:

Diameter Storage type Price a year
Complete set
13 to 16 inch changeover* storage and cleaning € 37,50
17 to 19 inch changeover* storage and cleaning € 45,00
20 to 24 inch changeover* storage and cleaning € 62,50
Own complete changeover
13 to 16 inch 1x changeover per time € 20,00
17 to 19 inch 1x changeover per time € 30,00
20 to 24 inch 1x changeover per time € 40,00
Partial changeover (just tyres)
13 to 14 inch changeover* and storage € 62,50
15 to 16 inch changeover* and storage € 70,00
17 to 19 inch changeover* and storage € 77,50
20 to 24 inch changeover* and storage € 97,50
changeover own set
13 to 14 inch 1x changeover per time € 50,00
15 to 16 inch 1x changeover per time € 60,00**
17 to 19 inch 1x changeover per time € 75,00**
20 to 24 inch 1x changeover per time € 85,00**
Integrate TPMS through OBD Per vehicle € 25,00
TPMS sensors Autel sensor € 50,00
Changeover of tyres with sensors is at customer's own risk. Prices are VAT included.

Note: if you do not change, there will be & euro; 25.00 storage costs per half-year calculated.

*This is including changeover, storage, disassembly, balancing, assembly.
** For the installation of Runflat tires, an amount & euro; 15.00 extra tax per set.


When lowering, we replace the current springs with shorter and more rigid ones, which in effect makes your car lower. Lowering a car is meticulous work, but usually we are prepared to lower any car as long as it is technically possible. Call or email us for more information.


Do you have a punctured tyre or a sharp object in it? Drop by and have us check it. Safety first! We will be happy to fix your tyre and if it is beyond repair, we will help you pick a new tyre.


Since 2010 we can store your winter and summer tyres cleanly. When you have us store your tyres, you can choose to have them washed first, so that brine and dirt do not get a chance to damage your rims. Besides, your tyres will look nice and decent again.