Wheel alignment (appointment)

By aligning the wheels of a vehicle, deviations in the wheel positions get corrected. These deviations could have multiple causes. For example: after hitting the curb, driving over a big rock or a hole in the road.

A car with deviations from the correct wheel position, indicates this by a number of possible signs. These signs especially influence the directional stability:

  • the car pulls to one side
  • the steering is heavy
  • the car steers too light
  • the car is off-course (zig-zag)

When you assemble new tyres (if not new wheels), it is recommended to perform an alignment diagnosis. At Reedijk Wheels and Tyres we use a high quality Hunter aligning bank, which works according to the 3D principle. We measure the wheel and ball joint settings of all four wheels. If we find any deviations, our qualified engineers correct them.

Deviations cannot always be corrected. Sometimes, the car manufacturer choose not to install a ball joint settings option. If this happens to be the case, we will discuss the problem with you and inform you about any solutions there might be.

The costs of aligning can only be determined after a diagnosis, a little research. One aligning diagnosis costs €45,- inlcuding VAT. This is without any adjustments. A diagnosis together with aligning the wheels will be €65,- including VAT with a maximum of half an hour's work. Every 15 minutes on top of that will be €25,-. Sometimes the car manufacturer decides to reset several components of the wheel suspension. This is always done with an EOBD scanner and costs €25,- on top of any extra hours. However, to avoid suprises, we always discuss everything with you beforehand.

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